Are electric cars better?

Compare the lifetime CO2 emissions of an electric car with a petrol car, a diesel car or another electric car.

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The battery cell and pack manufacturing relies on electricity from the grid for the different steps (e.g. drying, assembly). The electricity used does not impact the upstream production steps (mining, refining and transport).

The origin of the electricity used to recharge the car has an important impact on the overall emissions of an electric car. Countries with high shares of renewable energy (wind, solar and hydro) have a low carbon electricity mix while countries with a lot of coal have a high carbon electricity mix.

The supply chain of battery materials has impacts on the battery carbon footprint. With best-in-class supply chains used for the sourcing of lithium, nickel or graphite, BEVs lifecycle emissions could be decreased by 13%.

75gCO2 emissions per km


241gCO2 emissions per km

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Tonnes of C02



Tonnes of C02

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